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A faucet is a mechanism that allows water to flow through a tap/mixer. According to the way in which this mechanism provides the mixture of hot and cold water inside a home, the faucet can fall into one of three denominations:

  • Two-handle faucet: one is responsible for the flow of hot water and the other for the flow of cold water.
  • Single-lever faucet: it only has one faucet, which is turned until the desired temperature is obtained.
  • Thermostatic faucets: used mainly in showers, the temperature is indicated on the handle for better handling.
  • On the public sector, it is possible to find two additional types of taps:
  • Electronic Faucets: it has a movement sensor that detects the time the user spends on the sink.
  • Timed Faucets: the water activation time is previously programmed. They are also known as fluxors.

Zamac and brass are the most frequently used materials in faucets manufacturing, due to their physiological characteristics, which provide greater hardness and resistance, protecting the faucets from oxidation and corrosion.

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