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Plastic is any synthetic or semi-synthetic material, which has a wide variety of applications. These materials are usually composed of coal, cellulose, natural gas, salt and oil, with alternatives that are less harmful to the environment in modern times.

The name of this material derives from the Greek "plastikos", used to describe something that can be molded. They have properties such as malleability during manufacture, which allows melting, pressing or extrusion. With this, it is possible to obtain different presentations such as in sheets, fibers, plates, tubes, bottles, boxes, among others.

Zinc oxide plays an important role in the plastic industry by giving greater heat resistance and hardness to acrylic compounds; it even contributes to the formation and cure of the resin, as well as resistance to water, aging and radiation; it increases transparency, improves color, and impacts the thermal stability of PVC, among others, positively impacting the manufacture of pallets, bags, fibers, filaments, recreational equipment, among others.

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