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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our essence

Who we are

ZINSA, Zinc Industrias Nacionales S.A., is your leading strategic partner in Peru in the transformation and/or commercialization of non-ferrous metals and their derivatives, whose leadership position - for more than 40 years - has been built on our commitment to customer experience, our technical expertise, the professionalism of our collaborators, the permanent innovation in our products and our high quality standards.

At ZINSA we have the experience and understanding of the techniques, processes, capabilities and applications of non ferrous metal based products (zinc, lead, copper and others) for different industries, constantly developing new products and applications to give more tangible value to our end customers and intermediaries.

The quality of our products and our superior service are supported by the trust placed in us by our local and international customers in more than 38 countries in Europe, Latin America, North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Our Way


To be a world-class global organization, recognized for its excellence, innovation and corporate social responsibility.


We are a Peruvian company leader in the transformation and/or commercialization of products derived from zinc, lead, copper and others, committed to satisfy the needs of final and intermediate clients, differentiating us by our vast trajectory of quality, seriousness and business flexibility.


As part of that leadership and fundamental basis for the success of our vision, as well as the personal and professional development of our collaborators, we believe, practice and are committed to the following values:

  • We constantly strive for innovation and continuous improvement.
  • We are oriented toward results.
  • We manage resources efficiently.
  • We meet quality standards (safety, quality, and environment).
  • We lead by example.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We act ethically and honestly.
  • We anticipate our customers’ needs.
  • We support activities that go beyond our responsibilities.
  • We provide our customers with outstanding service.
  • We share knowledge, collaborate, and act with solidarity.
  • We work as a team.
  • We recognize our own duties and rights, and those of others.
  • We accept everyone equally, without discrimination of any kind.
  • We are always on time.

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