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Zinc Derived Products

Zinc Derivates - ZINSA

Zinc is a metallic element whose atomic number is 30. It has an atomic mass equal to 65.38 u, being symbolically represented as Zn.

Used by ancient civilizations without understanding its usefulness, this metal was studied exhaustively in 1746 by Andreas Marggraf, winning the title of its discoverer.

Zinc is a grey, ductile and malleable metal. One of its main uses involves the galvanization of steel, protecting it from oxidation.

Nowadays it is possible to find Zinc in aerospace batteries, laptop batteries, oil paints, alloys (brass, alpaca, cupronickel-zinc, among others), precious metal metallurgy, elimination of silver in lead, among several other uses.

At ZINSA we have some zinc derivatives, such as zinc sulfate, zinc powder, zinc anodes, zinc balls, zamac and zinc oxide, the latter being our flagship product. You can check their specifications by accessing the following link:


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