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Certifications and Guarantees



At ZINSA, we have been committed for over 40 years to the personal and professional development of our employees, protecting the environment, and high quality standards, thus providing our customers with more added value while guaranteeing an unparalleled service experience.

In keeping with our focus, we have obtained the following certification, which have made it possible to establish planned and systematic activities at ZINSA to assure the achievement of our objectives, aimed at continuous improvement in the quality of our products, the satisfaction of our customers, and the protection of the environment.

  • ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems (Bureau Veritas), which is focused on all of the quality management elements we need to guarantee an effective system that allows us to manage and constantly improve the quality of our products and customer service.
    ISO 9001:2015
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  • ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management systems (Bureau Veritas), which guarantees our ability to identify, prioritize, and manage environmental risks as part of our normal business practices.
    ISO 14001:2015
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Furthermore, all of our products are analyzed by specialized machines, allowing us to send a laboratory analysis report with all of our shipments in order to guarantee our quality certification to our customers, along with meticulous service and prompt delivery.


The BASC Control and Safety Management System, promotes the continuous improvement of risk profiles, safety standards in our processes, and the strengthening of safe trading operations.

ISO 14001:2000
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Due to the proper management of the greenhouse gas inventory at all its locations, Zinc Industrias Nacionales received the first and second Level 1 and Level 2 stars of the Carbon Footprint Program from the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM). To achieve this recognition, the company aligned all its processes, related to carbon footprint, to the ISO 14064-1:2018 methodology.

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