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Pharmacy is the practice and science of preparing, preserving, presenting and distributing medicines.

In the same way, pharmacy also refers to the place where medicinal products are manufactured, dispensed and sold.

This is an industry dedicated to research and development with the aim of improving the general health of the population. This is a very important industry for humanity, since the discoveries made by it will radically affect the lives of people and societies.

Some clear examples of the industry's most important advances, such as vaccines, penicillin and insulin.

We can find different countries with very important laboratories worldwide, such as Germany, United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, among others.

Zinc oxide acts as an acid neutralizer and possesses bactericide properties, making it ideal as a component for body creams and special antiseptic wound treatment creams, helping to lessen inflammation and redness.

Zinc oxide is also used in surgical tapes, bandages, toothpastes, denture adhesives, dietary supplements, multivitamin tablets, and cold medicines.

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