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Cosmetics are derived from the science of health, which has three main functions:

  • Hygienic: in order to fulfill this function, it is necessary that the product used does not alter the characteristics of the skin, cleaning the skin of bacteria.
  • Eutrophic: the product applied must maintain the anatomical functions of the tissues on which it is applied. It is very important that the cosmetics used do not damage in any way the skin on which it is applied.
  • Aesthetic: as the name suggests, this function is purely ornamental. It influences the senses of smell and sight. It is the main reason why cosmetics were first used in ancient times.

Due to their optical and biochemical properties, zinc oxide and its Derivatives are used in the preparation of skincare and haircare products. Their use in creams and powders helps protect the skin by absorbing ultraviolet rays and heals the skin when treating sunburns.

In its presentation in salts, zinc is used in astringent and moisturizing creams, as well as to improve the effectiveness of deodorants, soaps, and dandruff shampoos.

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