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We have vast experience and an understanding of the techniques, processes, capabilities, and applications of products made from non-ferrous metals (zinc, lead, copper, and others) for different industries. We are constantly developing new products and applications to provide our final and intermediate customers with more added value.

Zinc Oxide

We are specialized in the production of ZINC OXIDE GOLD SEAL 99.9% - United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and British Pharmacopoeia (BP).

We use the French method, starting with Zinc SHG (Special High Grade – 99.995%). This procedure guarantees the best quality product, apt for use in the mining, pharmaceutical, plastic, glass, ceramic, paint, animal feed, match, cosmetics, rubber, and electronics industries, among others.

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Copper Sulfate

COPPER SULFATE pentahydrate has a wide variety of applications in diverse sectors.

In agriculture, it is the basic ingredient for the manufacture of fungicides, and is also used as an algaecide, molluscicide, and copper deficiency corrector in soils.

In the livestock industry, copper sulfate is an additive in animal feed, used to improve growth and correct copper deficiencies in animals.

Among its many industrial uses, also it is used as mining reagent, and as a preservative or additive in glue, paint, leather, synthetic fibers, textiles, hair dyes, fireworks, chlorophyll, wrapping paper for fruit, among others.

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Zamac is an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. Depending on the percentages and end uses for which it is intended, this alloy may take the form of ZAMAC 2, 3, 5, 7, Tonsul, and other formulations, based on your specific requirements.

ZAMAC is essentially used in the production of auto parts, household appliances, toys, zippers, carburetors, car oil pumps, car door handles, license plates or logos, bathroom and toiletry articles, fan frames, computers, photographic camera components, refrigerator handles, propane tank regulators, racks, horseshoes, buckles, decorations, candelabra, trophies, and more

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The thermal, electric, and insulating characteristics of non-ferrous metals, along with their recycling capacity, make them indispensable for certain industries, such as the mechanical, automotive, shipping, aerospace, electricity, energy, pharmaceutical, and feed industries, among others.


Commercial Events
Commercial Events

Animal Feed, Fertilizers, Paints and Plastics. In this new entry of our blog, we offer you a guide with the most important commercial events.


At ZINSA, we have been committed for over 40 years to the personal and professional development of our employees, protecting the environment, and high quality standards, thus providing our customers with more added value while guaranteeing an unparalleled service experience.

The International Zinc Association
How Zinc can benefit our health

Did you know that zinc is an important component of human health? In this note, we will explain how zinc sulfate and zinc oxide can benefit us, as well as the effect, should there be a deficiency of them.

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