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Animal feed

Animal feed


Related ZINSA products: zinc sulfate , copper sulfate, zinc oxide.

Refers to feed combined with another feed to improve the nutritional balance of the product and which will be subsequently diluted and mixed to produce a supplement or a complete feed.

It is necessary to elaborate a different formula for each type of livestock, taking into account the characteristics of each one. Some criteria that are taken into consideration are the genetics of the livestock, category or age, production level, body condition, nutritional value of the input, input restriction, among others.

Minerals play a very important role in the preparation of animal feeds, as they can provide rigidity, hardness and stability to tissues such as bone, cartilage and teeth.

Zinc oxide and zinc sulfate are used in the food industry as food supplements for poultry and livestock in general, as well as in the production of vitamins, medicines and the treatment of anemia in animals.

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