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Copper Derived Products

Copper Derivates - ZINSA

Copper is a metallic element, considered a transition metal, with an atomic number of 29. It has an atomic mass equal to 63.55 u, being symbolically represented as Cu, from the Latin Cuprum.

Being one of the first metals to be extracted and used by the human race, copper has been very useful at the time of making tools for the day-to-day life of people. In the first civilizations, it was used in the form of coins and decorative ornaments. Copper was one of the main elements used in order to emerge from the Stone Age, along with tin, giving rise to the Bronze Age.

Among its most important properties, it should be noted that it is the second metal with the highest electrical and thermal conductivity after silver. It is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, providing these benefits when generating alloys with other metals. Not only this, we can also highlight its durability, so it is possible to recycle the metal a high number of times without losing its mechanical properties.

Currently, it is possible to find copper commonly in electrical cables, telephone cables, internet cables, integrated circuits of computer equipment, radiators, brakes, catenary (railroad overhead cables), coins, jewelry, wind musical instruments, among others.

At ZINSA we have copper derivatives such as copper sulfate and brass. You can review their specifications by accessing the following link:


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