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Copper Sulfate

Copper Sulfate


We are specialists in the production of Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate. The quality of our raw materials, our standardized processes and physical-chemical control and analysis systems guarantee the quality of the product for the appropriate use in the industry.

In agriculture, it is used in pest mitigation. As a fungicide, it is effective in preventive treatments over different alternatives. It is also used as a bactericide, with the ability to attack certain fungi and bacteria. It is also used as a fertilizer, and because of its excellent solubility, it can be applied by sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, direct root injection, hose irrigation or foliar spraying.

It is used as an additive in animal feed to reduce copper deficiency, being a growth stimulant and the fattening of pigs and farm chickens. It prevents bone fragility and anemia in dairy cattle. It is a disinfectant and prevents bacteria, as well as an antiseptic and germicide in fungal infections.

It can be used as a mineral micronutrient and cupric catalyst in the production of pharmaceutical products as anti-microbial agents.

In the metallurgical industry, copper sulfate is usually used as a solution for galvanic baths, in the production of copper printed circuits (electric batteries) and in obtaining copper cathodes.

In mining, it is used in the flotation process for lead, zinc and cobalt separation, it is widely used in metallurgical processes as a sulfide activator of zinc, iron, cobalt and nickel, because of the ionic replacement of copper by zinc.

Copper sulfate is also present in the pharmaceutical industry, where it acts as a mineral micronutrient and copper catalyst in the making of products such as anti-microbial agents.

Properties of Copper Sulfate:

  • Appearance: Blue crystals.
  • Odour: No odour
  • Specific gravity 15°C 2,28g/ml.
  • Solubility 22 g/100g H2O at 25°C
  • Boiling point at 110°C decomposes.
  • PH: Solution 3.5-4.5



  • Polypropylene bags of 25 Kg. on 1000 Kg. pallets
  • Polypropylene Big Bags (jumbos) of 1,000 Kg.


Store the product in its original packaging, in a cool, dry, ventilated place away from direct sunlight, heat and incompatible materials such as acids and bases for food, beverages and feed. Keep out of reach of children, animals and unauthorized personnel.

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