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Lead Derived Products

Lead Derivates - ZINSA

Lead is a metallic element with an atomic number of 82. It has an atomic mass of 207.20 u, symbolically represented as Pb, from the Latin Plumbum.

In its natural state, lead is a solid, heavy, dense and bluish-gray metal, with diverse isotopes (stable and radioactive).

Lead was discovered early by mankind with historical entries dating back to 7000 BC in Asia Minor. This element has been widely used in the fabrication of weapons, tools and artistic objects. Due to its elastic properties, it was used writing sheets, as coating for pipes and bathtubs, or in the manufacture of masks, medallions, etc.

Nowadays, it is very common to find this element inside car batteries (accumulators), boat batteries, tire counterweight, x-ray protective insulation, protective covers for wiring, artificial pigments, plastic explosives detonator (construction), among others.

At ZINSA, we have lead derivatives such as pure lead, refined lead and lead alloys. You can check their specifications by accessing the following link:

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