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Pure Lead, Refined Lead, and Alloys - ZINSA

Pure Lead, Refined Lead, and Alloys

Pure Lead, Refined Lead, and Alloys


We are one of the best manufacturers of lead and its alloys in the country, maintaining the quality of our products, guaranteeing the best results to our clients.

In our manufacturing process we use secondary lead ingots to obtain a high Pb purity of over 99%. This has allowed us to always maintain the quality of our finished product.

The main uses of our pure lead and alloys are for the manufacture of automotive batteries, radiation protection, welding, surface protection, etc.

The main characteristics of our pure lead and alloys are :

  • Under normal pressures and temperatures, lead is solid.
  • Boiling point: 1749 °C
  • Melting point: 327 °C.
  • Density: 11340 kg/m3
  • Heat of fusion: 4,799 kJ/mol
  • Vapor pressure: 4.21 × 10-7Pa at 600 K
  • Specific heat: 129 J/(kg-K)
  • Organoleptically, it has a grayish-blue color, soft, ductile, semi-ferrous and odorless texture.
  • It is a metal with excellent thermal and electrical conduction properties.
  • On the Mohs scale, it presents a hardness equal to 1.5.



  • Lead alloys are shipped in 20 kg ingots, in 1,000 kg bundles.


Store lead in a dry, covered place away from acids, bases and oxidizing or reducing materials.

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