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Galvanoplasty comes from the electrical process called galvano, in Galvani's name, and plastia, from the Greek "plastos", which means "to give shape by means of electricity".

Also known as electrodeposition, it is the process where metallic ions are transferred from an anode to a cathode, which are deposited in an aqueous liquid, which is mainly composed of metallic salts and is slightly electrolytic.

This process is mainly used to improve finer details of a surface by applying the electrodeposition of a metal on top of it. Initially it was used to improve the aesthetic conditions of different parts, but it was discovered that it was also possible to improve the mechanical properties of the objects treated with this process. These benefits include an increase in their hardness and resistance.

Zinc balls help in the electroplating process to improve the characteristics of a metal to provide hardness, durability or both. Electroplating protects metals such as steel from corrosion. It is used to manufacture tinplate and cutlery and to protect surfaces used in the automotive, appliance, hospital, jewelry, plumbing, office machines, etc. industries.

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