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Zinc Anodes

Zinc Anodes


Our Zinc Anodes are perfect for protecting metal parts against corrosion with a purity of zinc greater than 99.5% made from Electrolytic Zinc (SHG 99.995%).

Zinc anodes are mainly used in the metal parts of ships (hull, deck, fins, rudder, etc.).

For the fastening of the Anodes, we have anodes with plates, which help the placement on the surface to be protected.

Our specification complies with international standards based on the U.S.-UN MIL-18001K.

The main characteristics of our sacrificial anodes are :

  • Density: 7.14 g/cm3
  • Efficiency: 90% - 95%.
  • Boiling point: 907°C
  • Fish type: They have an oval shape and are mainly used in the hulls of boats
  • Plate type: They have a prism shape with different weights and dimensions with various uses.



  • Pallets of approximately 500 - 1,000 Kg, depending on the model requested. The pallets contain a cardboard floor and are lined with jute.


Store the product in a dry, roofed area, separately from incompatible materials.

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