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One of the oldest activities of mankind, mining dates back to the beginning of human history. Surface-mined metals played a very important role in the development and survival of civilizations.

In Peru, it is considered one of the activities that sustain the country's economy. It forms an important part of Peru's GDP, being a land rich in copper, gold, antimony, bismuth and zinc, occupying the second place in the world of producers of this last mineral (2019).

According to a note made by the newspaper Gestión As a result, the mining sector contributes approximately 10% of GDP, 60% of exports, 16% of private investment and 19% of taxes paid by companies.

Zinc sulfate, zinc dust, and copper sulfate are used as chemical reagents in mining to separate minerals during the flotation process. Zinc sulfate and zinc dust are often used in metallurgical processes, since they are excellent copper and lead floaters, and help depress impurities, while copper sulfate is used to separate minerals such as zinc, silver, and lead.

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