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White Metal

White Metal


We are White Metal manufacturers, working hard to maintain the quality of our products, thus ensuring the best results for our customers.

Our White Metal alloys are manufactured from high purity electrolytic tin, which complies with a low lead content.

The main use of our White Metal occurs in costume jewelry and non-precious metal jewelry.

The main characteristics of our White Metal are:

  • Its melting point occurs at 232°C.
  • Its boiling point reaches 2602°C.
  • Its ordinary state of aggregation is solid.
  • White tin has a density equal to 7365 kg/m3.
  • Organoleptically, it is a soft metal with a white or grayish color, odorless and with a metallic texture.
  • On the Mohs scale, it has a hardness equal to 1.5.
  • White tin is an electrical conductor.
  • Tin is superconductive at temperatures below -269.28°C.



  • 3 kg ingots in 20 kg reinforced cardboard boxes, assembled on 1,000 kg pallets.


Store the product in a dry, covered area, separated from incompatible materials.

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