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Keeping in mind that two thirds of the earth's surface is covered by water, mankind has had to resort to different inventions to be able to move people and objects around the world.

With the advancement of commercial flights, ships have ceased to be the means of transporting people over long distances. In modern times, it is more common to use a boat for short distances, such as sailing from one island to another, or for purely touristic purposes.

The commercial routes by sea are the most used worldwide nowadays. With them, it is possible to transport large cargos of goods from one point to another. With this, it is possible to supply different places in the world with merchandise that are not produced in those lands, connecting more cultures and promoting trade.

The participation of non-ferrous metals in this field comes into action due to oxidation, which affects different parts of the ships. This is where the application of zinc anodes, which are used to protect these parts from corrosion and oxidation, is necessary.

Zinc anodes further extend the life of submerged structures in the water, such as steel pylons, metal floats, pontoons, etc.

Oxidation affects vessels, as well as maritime and river transport as a whole. For this reason, zinc anodes are used to protect vessels from corrosion and oxidation.

Zinc anodes also make it possible to extend the useful life of structures submerged in the water, such as steel pylons, metal floats, pontoons, etc.

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