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A battery is an electrical device composed of electrochemical cells capable of transforming chemical energy inside them into electrical energy.

Ordinary batteries have three basic elements, a lead plate, the sulfuric acid solution and a plate made of lead oxide. When the battery is being discharged, the sulfuric acid solution reacts with the lead and the lead oxide, releasing electrons that generate the electrical flow.

They have a load capacity determined by their composition, which is measured in amperes (Ah). The higher its load capacity, the more current it can store within it. We can find batteries in objects that are part of our daily lives. Some common examples: remote controls, cars, watches, computers of all kinds, cell phones, among others.

There are different types of batteries among which we can find alkaline batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel batteries (which can come in mixed presentations with iron, cadmium or hydride), and lithium batteries (ions and polymers).

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