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Locks - Clasps

Locks - Clasps


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Zinc, alloyed with aluminum, magnesium and copper, is used for the manufacture of parts that require great detail with better finishes and surface treatments, as is the case of locks and zippers, where zinc helps to coat the metals used in the manufacture of these products, to prevent corrosion.

Locks have been an important part of humanity since they were invented as a guarantee of security to prevent theft of people's belongings. Since its beginnings, it has been made up of two important parts, the lock and the key. The materials and the way these pieces are made have changed over time, but the concept remains the same.

The main components of the lock are the body, the link/coupling and the lock core.

On the other hand, zippers were first manufactured in the 19th century, by Elias Howe, the same inventor of the sewing machine, a competitor of Singer.

There are different types of zippers, among which we can find the standard metal zipper, the double way metal zipper, Y type teeth type, and finally the zipper with symmetrical teeth.

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