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The paint is a fluid product that when applied on a surface in thin layers, is able to adhere and performs a coating, protective and decorative work of the element on which it has been applied.

There are different types of paints. Some examples are varnishes, enamels, lacquers, colorants, toners, among others. Each one of these have different characteristics, which must be taken into account when purchasing them for a specific job.

Zinc is part of the formulation of many paints of high durability and protection. One of its characteristics is its opacity to the ultraviolet light in the finishes, which improves the resistance to the climate. It also protects from mold and offers resistance to abrasion. In the same way, it neutralizes the damage caused by acids, having as a specific example the automotive industry, where it is used to preserve the state of the car parts from the environment and the passing of time.

Due to its anti-corrosive property, zinc and zinc oxide powder are used in the coating of metals to give them greater durability, such as in steel structures under strong atmospheric conditions, such as dams, tanks, etc.

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